In a world that has been taken over by AI, people have become superfluous and a detriment to the survival of the planet earth according to the machines.  Slowly but surely the machines started taking out all of the people reducing the population more and more.  AI now controls all of the world and is trying to eliminate the human problem.  By harvesting human organs and using them the create clones of people they are able to pre-program a person into operating exactly how they are programmed.  There are very few "original people" left in the world even a lot of the rebels that fight against the AI were people that had been cloned once if not more.  The AI believes that by controlling people they can control efficiency, effectiveness, and longevity that the earth's life should have. You play a patients who has woken up from a coma, and does not know why, or how he got to the facility he is in.  He doesn't even know who he is or whether he is even an original person or just another clone.  You must figure out what is going on in the AI facility, as well as who you are and escape before it’s too late because you could be more important then you realizes.

This was a level designed as a individual project over a eight week span using the standard assets from Unreal




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