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Game Designer specializing in game mechanics, single player, and multiplayer Level Design as well as creation of in game cinematics to execute the overall idea. Can create immersive environments and experiences which inspire players. In my professional experience I have worked on many different genres of games; RPG, FPS, Casual Mobile, 2D/2.5D Platformers, VR and even Location Based VR. 

• 4-5 years of experience in video game design positions
• Game Design: Pacing, Level Layouts, Player's Motivations, Usability, Difficulty Management, Gameplay Tuning, Rapid Prototyping. 
• Practical knowledge: 2D & 3D game engines as well as solid skills on visual and non visual scripting languages. 
• Strong artistic sensibility: build level layouts with narrative and gameplay mechanics in mind to create fun gameplay moments for players.
• Team management: comfortable with both agile (scrum) and waterfall development methods.


Machine Zone (Applovin)                                                                                                                             

Associate Game Designer  ------> Game Designer Palo Alto, CA                                                                                    11/2019-Present

  • Designing and balancing new and existing content, systems, game events, and features.

  • Review and training of other designers content, combat balancing and feature work.

  • Content creation, combat balancing, game analytics, reviewing data/balancing, fixing bugs, also mapping out
    and creating specs for a LiveOps game.

  • Extremely fast paced environment where being highly adaptable/flexible is necessary

Epoch Games                                                                                                                                                     

Lead Level Designer Oakland, CA                                                                                                                                     06/2019-03/2020

  • Designing game levels and placing assets within game space for upcoming game.

  • Implementing level design, conceptualizing and creating documentation for game mechanics; world building.

  • Collaborating with team and finding creative solutions to game problems.

  • Holding department meetings, reviewing and assigning work on a weekly basis; reviewing applicants.

Unreal Level Designer Oakland, CA                                                                                                                                  11/2018-06/2019

  • Designing levels and specified areas along with placing assets within game space for upcoming game.

  • conceptualizing and creating documentation for game mechanics; world building.

  • Collaborating with team and finding creative solutions to game problems.

Nomadic VR                                                                                                                                                             

Junior Game Designer/Producer/Tester San Rafael, CA                                                                                                    07-11/2018

  • Testing game functionality both in digital and physical space; reporting bugs into Jira.

  • Communicating with different teams within Nomadic to make sure the game is on track.

  • Developing creative solutions to in-game and physical space problems.

  • Developing new game ideas for LBVR experiences.

Freelance Work

Game Designer Mill Valley, CA                                                                                                                                           07/2016-Present

  • Working on personal projects, collaborative projects, and short term contracts.

  • Designing levels from concept into engine, and modding existing games.

  • Creating game prototypes as proof of concept to show the "fun" in the game.

Freelance Construction/Design

Builder/Designer Mill Valley, CA                                                                                                                                      01/2018-11/2019

  • Assistant contractor on construction projects, and short term contracts, design and repair work.

  • Floor, wall, and ceiling repairs and installation, and interior, exterior and foundation work.


Last Fate (VR Puzzle Game/Collaborative Class)                                                                                                             LAST FATE PAGE

Game Designer/Scripter                                                                                                                                                            01-06/2016

  • Created documentation for specific levels, mechanics, and obstacles for the game.

  • Implemented models, animations, scripts, puzzles and other assets to setup gameplay and levels.

  • Collaborated with artists to make sure aesthetics fit the themes and overall concepts for the game.

Manifest Dinner (Board Game/ Collaborative Project)                                                                                  MANIFEST DINNER PAGE

Co-Creator/Designer                                                                                                                                                                  08-12/2014

  • Collaborated on creating the entire game from documentation to the game itself from scratch.

  • Created the board, different types of game cards, player pieces all of scratch.


The Marin Renaissance                                                                                                                                  www.   

Co-Founder, Mill Valley, CA                                                                                                                                                        2010-Present

  • Developed content, write original exposés, oversee business operations and site maintenance.

  • Compiled three mixtapes promoting local musicians.

  • Promoted and marketed site through nine social media outlets.


Storyworld (Previously eGlobal Reader) San Francisco, CA                                                                

Intern/QA Tester                                                                                                                                                                            04-10/2013

  • Available on the App Store

  • Developed children’s language immersion app in Spanish and Mandarin.

  • Created dictionaries for the program languages.

  • Inputted, edited code and audio files, and tested usability(QA).


Academy of Art University. BFA. Game Design. May 2016

University of California, Riverside. BA. Philosophy. June 2012

Tamalpais High School, Mill Valley, CA. June 2007



Nomadic                            Storyworld



-Game Design

-Level Design

-Design Documentation


  • C#

  • Blueprint

  • Java (Unity)

  • Action Script

  • Lua

-Game Mechanics


-Puzzle Design

-VR (Oculus)

-Data Driven Design


-Game Writing


-Musical Theory

Game Engines:



-Adobe Flash

-Construct 2

-Cry Engine (minimal)

-Excel Data for Games



-Adobe Photoshop

-Adobe Illustrator


-Quixel Suite



-Microsoft Word

-Microsoft Excel

-Microsoft PowerPoint






Script Editors:

-Microsoft Visual Studio


Bug Software:


Version Control:




Tracking Software:


-Leap Motion

Quality Assurance:

-LBVR Game Testing

-Documenting issues into a test database.

-Proficiency in bug reporting format, executing release, and sign-off criteria.

-Report build status to QA Lead.

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